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Arc Poetry Magazine invites artists who live with disability/chronic illness/mental illness and other forms of existence that are impacted by ableism to send us poems, prose, essays, and reviews exploring what it means to be in the world, or your topic of choice. We hope that your art challenges the able-bodied gaze and doctrine by changing the narrative of the dominant body and extending the meaning of wholeness.

These poems will be part of Arc's Fall 2023, guest-edited by Therese Estacion. 

Submission Guidelines

Submit your poems by May 15, 2023, to be considered for "Crip Lives: Restoring Subjectivity." 

General submission guidelines include the following:

  • Submissions must not exceed three poems.
  • If you have submitted to Arc's general call for submissions, you may still submit work for this issue. Submitting poems for this issue does not count towards the three poems per calendar year limit.
  • Our submission manager only accepts one file at a time. In order to submit the files separately you must go through the submission process for each piece you wish to submit. This allows you to provide each submission with the title of your poem and it allows us to group the submissions more easily and update the submitter about the status of each individual poem.
  • Please only use this form to submit poems. For How Poems Work articles, interviews, or book reviews, please email Manahil Bandukwala at coordinatingeditor@arcpoetry.ca with a 100-200 word pitch and a brief note about your writing history. We have reached our capacity for essays and are no longer accepting pitches at this time.

For this issue, we are only interested in poems by artists who live with disability/chronic illness/mental illness. Poets who do not meet this criteria can submit to our regular call for submissions, found on our website. 

About our Guest Editor:

Therese Estacion is part of the Visayan diaspora community. She is an elementary school teacher and is currently studying to be a psychotherapist. Therese is also a bilateral below knee and partial hands amputee. Her poems have been published in CV2 and PANK Magazine. Her first book, Phantompains, was published by Book*Hug, and is a finalist for the CLMP Firecracker Awards. She lives in Toronto/Tkaronto.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.