Arc accepts unso­licited sub­mis­sions of pre­vi­ously unpub­lished poetry in English, or translations of poetry into English, on any sub­ject and in any form. Submissions received from April 1 to July 31 will be read for the Winter 2020 issue. 

Please note: This submission platform does not accept poems in batches. Each poem must be submitted separately with the poet's biography. Please DO NOT submit several poems grouped in a single document. To save retyping the same bio and cover notes for each poem, we recommend you create them in an offline text document, and paste them in when called for by the uploader. Your individually submitted poems will be treated as a grouped manuscript once they have been submitted.  

Submissions must not exceed 3 poems, and will be accepted only once per poet per calendar year. Poetry must be typed and single spaced (double spaces will be interpreted as blank lines). Include your name and address on each page of your submission.

Arc publishes reviews, interviews, and articles on poetry and poetry-related subjects. Please query first as Arc seldom considers unsolicited prose manuscripts; submit pitches or ideas, including a brief description and an estimate of anticipated length, along with samples of previously published work.  

Arc does not publish fiction or drama. 

Arc publishes a limited amount of artwork in black and white and in colour by a single artist or photographer in each issue, including on the front and back covers, and on up to eight inside pages. Please see www.arcpoetry.ca for artwork submission guidelines. 

Arc tries respond to unsolicited submissions of poetry, artwork, and article queries within four to six months. Arc can’t promise to respond to inquiries regarding the status of submissions before the completion of this editorial cycle. 

Arc’s Writers’ Fees are as follows: 

$50 per page for poetry or prose published in the magazine. 

$50 per webpage for online reprints on the website. 

$50 per column for How Poems Work (see guidelines for How Poems Work). 

Gender Trash: Arc 93 honours the legacy of Xanthra Phillippa and Mirha-Soleil Ross, two trans women artists and writers, who created Gender Trash from Hell, one of Canada’s first publications focused exclusively on trans feminine experiences, activism, and poetry. Reflecting on Phillippa’s untitled poem that opened the first published issue, Gender Trash seeks submissions from trans women and trans feminine poets in Canada as well as other “gender outlaws” to contribute to this issue of Arc Poetry Magazine focused on “making a space of our own”. 

This issue will be guest edited by Gwen Benaway, a trans girl of Anishinaabe and Métis descent. She has published four collections of poetry, Ceremonies for the DeadPassage, Holy Wild, and day/break. She was the editor for an anthology of fantasy short stories, Maiden Mother and Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes. Her writing has been critically acclaimed and widely published in Canada. She was a finalist for the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ writers from the Writer’s Trust of Canada and her third poetry collection, Holy Wild, was longlisted for the Pat Lowther Award, a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Trans Poetry, the Trillium Award, the Triangle Publishing Press Trans and Gender Variant Literary Award, and the winner of the 2019 Governor General Literary Award for Poetry.  Her essay, A Body Like A Home, won the Gold Prize from the National Magazine Awards for Personal Journalism. She is also currently editing a book of creative non-fiction, trans girl in love, forthcoming from Strange Light in 2020. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and is a Ph.D student at the University of Toronto in the Women and Gender Studies Institute. 

Arc accepts unso­licited sub­mis­sions of pre­vi­ously unpub­lished poetry in English, or translations of poetry into English, on any sub­ject and in any form.

·      Submissions must not exceed 3 poems or 360 lines.
·      Submissions must be typed and sin­gle spaced (dou­ble spaces will be inter­preted as blank lines).
·      Submissions of visual poetry or concrete poetry should be submitted in PDF format.
·      Submissions must include the poet’s name (or the poet's preferred name to appear in publication), email address, and mailing address on each page.
·      Submissions must include the poet’s biog­ra­phy. Biographical statements should be two to three sentences or approximately 50 words.
·      Multiple submissions must be submitted separately. On Submittable, each poem must be in a sep­a­rate submission along with the poet’s biog­ra­phy.
·      Poets may submit poems that are simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Poems that have been accepted by another publication should be withdrawn from Arc immediately.

Arc pays for poetry at the rate of $50 per page. Payment is issued upon pub­li­ca­tion along with one free copy of the issue in which the work appears. With acceptance, Arc secures First Cana­dian Serial Rights, meaning the poems should not appear in any print or digital publication before the release of the issue in which the work appears. All rights will revert to the author upon publication.

Ends on

• Arc accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poems, on any subject, in any form. Submissions received before July 31, 2019, will be considered for the Winter 2020 issue.

• Submissions must not exceed three poems.  

• Only three poems per poet will be accepted during each calendar year.

• Our submission manager only accepts one file at a time. In order to submit the files separately you must go through the submission process for each piece you wish to submit. This allows you to provide each submission with the title of your poem and it allows us to group the submissions more easily and update the submitter about the status of each individual poem.

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